The Cost of High Design

iPhone 4, iPad 4G & Me: What To Expect From iOS 4I love my iphone. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Apple or their designs. Most of us who are going to purchase an Apple product basically know what is in store for us. There is going to be that additional cost which is going to rise up one day and come calling us to pay. It’s an inescapable tax that goes with this high level of design that Apple possesses in all their products. So when I’m looking for iphone repairs, my first reaction is try and find a different company to handle my issues. This has become far more difficult than I have expected lately; not because they are not out there but because Apple now has so many Apple Centres open that it’s hard to resist the convenience that they offer.

International Business Requires International Travel

There was a time when the only business travelers that existed were connected to some of the larger international firms. Now though, thanks to the Internet even smaller companies are able to have financial interactions with companies on the other side of the globe. At times in order to facilitate business, it is necessary for individuals from even these smaller companies to travel internationally. One thing that helps them to keep their businesses running while they are away are business phone systems. These sim cards have been designed to function internationally. So an individual who has a smart phone, or who has a tablet that can connect to 3G and 4G networks is able to stay in constant contact with his business back home even if he is abroad.

When it comes to traveling for business, there are precautions that a savvy business owner is going to take into consideration. For example, when traveling for business you are going to want to always make sure that you know where all of your luggage is at all times. Usually while you are traveling, you need to carry with you a lot of expensive electronic devices. Included in these are going to be your electronic tablets and your laptop, and any other electronic device you might need for presentations.

The need to be especially vigilant calms from the fact that usually when we are home we do not walk around with a lot of luggage and a lot of bags with us. And so while traveling for business with a lot of luggage, it can be easy for an individual to forget that they have these extra bags with them, and they might find themselves leaving their expensive electronic devices at a restaurant, on public transportation, or in a hotel lobby. Just remind yourself to look behind you every time you get up from a location.

Finally, a Reliable Wireless Service

is a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)? | Air-Stream ...I have been a 3G wireless users for several years now; it’s been a great network, since I move around a lot in the state to do my work and the ability to have access to the web on the go has been a lot of help with turning a profit. Yet it has been very unstable since day one; it’s true that it has become better as their network grew but the speeds were just never what they promised they would be! Now that a clear 4g internet service has begun to grow throughout the United States, I decided to make a switch over to see what all the buzz was about. I admit, I am more than pleased.

Vzdrževanje mrež

Imate mrežo? Nimate IT strokovnjaka? Nič hudega. Na nas se lahko obrnete, da skrbimo da vaša mreža in računalniki povezani nanjo bodo delovali brezhibno. Ponujamo vzdrževalne ponudbe, ki zagotavljajo miren spanec. Smo cenejši od konkurence a nič manj strokovni. Pošljite povpraševanje!

Pomoč na daljavo

Pomoč na daljavo je storitev preko, katere se lahko iz oddaljenega dostopa povežemo na vaš računalnik ter odpravimo kar se da hitro težavo s katero ste se srečali. Nič več čakanja, da na nekdo pride k vam.

Za pomoč na daljavo je potreben le delujoč računalnik ter povezava na internet. Seveda pri tem ne gre pozabiti ustrezna programska oprema, ki si jo sami namestite ali predhodno namestimo mi. Določeni operacijski sistemi že imajo omenjene storitve, kot je npr. Remote Desktop. Potrebno je le aktivirati oz. sporočiti podatke.

Pomoč na daljavo ponujamo vsem našim strankam. Želite postati tudi vi?


Kako hitra je vaša mreža? 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s ali 1000 Mbit/s?

Nimate še mreže ali bi radi obstoječo mrežo znato bolj pohitrili. Na pravem naslovu ste. Postavljamo mreže oz. intranete z hitrostmi od 100 Mbit/s do 1000 Mbit/s. Vprašanje le kaj potrebujete. Nameščamo kable, stikala, usmerjevalnike ter nastavljamo končne odjemalce.



Registracija domen

Registracija domen je storitev preko, katere lahko kupite ime vaše domene npr. Število domen s končnico .si v letošnjem letu je presegla 100.000. Poleg navadnih imen lahko uporabljate tudi imena s šumniki.

Cena domen je 20 € na leto. Pošljite povpraševanje, za vas bomo preverili ali je ime še prostor ter na podlagi plačanega predračuna bomo domeno tudi registirali.

Poleg .si domen so na voljo tudi ostale, kot so npr. .com, .net, .org, .eu ipd…