Taking Care of Computer Problems

issue-trackingWhen I was younger I used to work in a fairly large tech support company. It was absurdly busy year round. We focused on a lot of computer repair issues, often outsourced by other companies to help deal with their call flow from time to time but no matter which company we might have been working for at the time, we stayed busy. Yet, our in house problems were hilariously bad! We had so many issues ourselves and I realized we hadn’t been using a issue tracker for any of our own personal computer problems. That was just a terrible sign of things to come; it was a sign of a lack of real organization about our internal technician departments – I have no idea how they managed to operate on a day to day business when it came to fixing their problems but a tracker is a great way to ensure that you know when something is done or is going to get done or even being worked on!

I’ve never worked for a company since then that didn’t subscribe to having some kind of ticker for their in house work! I even worked at a center that allowed customers to keep track of a ticker for their issues, too, which was an amazing innovation. Some companies don’t want their customers to see how long it might take them to fix a problem or how much work is actually being done but I found that when customers could see even an automated feed that kept track of the work being done, much like UPS does with their shipping tracker. It’s reassuring to see that my package bouncing from shipping center to shipping center, getting ever closer to my doorstep. That way I don’t have to call them and back up their call flow.