Keyboard for Typing in Arabic

I need to get a keyboard that is designed for typing in Arabic, because I have begun studying the language, and I want to be able to type in it, and I really think that would be useful. I guess I need to look for a good price for an Arabic Keyboard. I am not sure how much they cost, but I can’t see them costing much more than a regular keyboard. I guess I could assign the letters used in the Arabic alphabet to existing keys on my keyboard, which uses Latin script. But the problem with that is that I am just learning the language, and it would be much too difficult for me to begin to type with an Arabic keyboard, if I were to have to go through a process like that.

I can’t even imagine having to try to do it that way. I would probably never get the hang of it, and that would definitely be bad, because I do want to learn, and I have a very strong desire to learn, to be honest. I actually want to get in the hang of typing stuff on such a keyboard soon, because I have some extra time right now, and it would probably be best for me to get started right away.

I have some materials to help me learn right now, and I actually have some more coming in the mail. I know I am probably going to have to order this keyboard on the internet, because I highly doubt that it is the type of product that would be available for me to purchase at any of the stores that are close to my house, since I think it is kind of a speciality thing. Or, at least that my opinion on this.