Making Calenders for Presents and Sale

I sometimes make calendars for friends and family. They make nice gifts. I have also sold them but I got frustrated with that. It is easy enough to design a calendar but printing them can wind up being too much hassle for what little they can be sold for. The printer needs calibrated each time a new cartridge needs put in. You may find one has run out in the middle of a page and then you need to run out and buy a tn450 to finish it. Only then you find out the next one ran out and you need another. You need to reprint each page that only printed part way. You find you accidentally print more pages than you need of certain ones or do things out of order. I just wind up not having the patience to do more than a few so I quit selling them.

I did try paying to have them printed one year only to have almost no one want to buy one. So that money wound up wasted. So I now stick to just printing them as gifts. This keeps the hassle only to what I can manage. Plus family will not be terribly disappointed and want their money back if it’s not perfect, especially since they didn’t pay like with a customer. I just could not stand the pressure of making them for sale. I didn’t want to disappoint any one but I can only reprint a page so many time before pulling my hair out. Oh and if you let it print while you step out of the room and something runs out or goes off, well then you may need to reprint half or more of a badly printed calendar. So you need to sit and watch each page print. Still it is worth it for a few gifts.